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Phil Acton Larry Piper Don Cline Carolyn Anderson Charlotte Graham David Hobbs David Rhea Bill Sokeland Beverly Threlkeld Ann Trimble Judy Walls Sandra Walter Don White Jim Ware Nancy Parsons Jack Mohler Sylvia Phelps Bill Strouse Loretta Cain John Porter Jim Wynn Dwight Thompson Judy Peyton Jack Stephenson Deanna Gilham Ann Elson Joan King Beverly Stephenson Dale Jones Keith Lilly Eddie Dean Don Scott Majorie Clark Glen Broyles Dick Hunt Keith Kernodle Carol Mann Dale McRoberts Ray Whitaker Sandra White Bill Andrew Joe Janeway Gay Servies Kay Servies Hollis Conover Judy Hay Gary Long Jim Maddux Dick Miles Marvin Smith Bill Baker Pat Tate Elwood Watson Edwin Young

Each picture is a link to your picture from the 1956 Tom-Tom. While you may or may not have much interest now in these old photos, you should be aware that copying these yearbook photos is not a trival procedure. Actually, the scanning and/or digital photographing of these pictures, while time consuming, is reasonably easy. However, the resulting images look 'awful'. The photographic and reproduction techniques of 1956 introduced considerable distortion. Consequently, each picture had to be digitally 'touched up'. So if you think you might do your own copying at some future date, good luck. Save yourself the time and use the images I have made available here. To save download time these images are 400 pixels wide; when I put this entire web site on a CD, I will use the full size, scanned image which is closer to 1000 pixels wide.


Perhaps you remember a Class History. It was a half-hearted attempt to capture some of the thoughts of Seniors. My understanding is that the Junior class put it together, with some input from us. I found an old copy, but it was almost unreadable in its original mimeographic form. Also, it had typos on nearly every line. So we retyped it, cleaned up the errors and saved it as a DOC file. It does serve as a 'time capsule' into our lifestyle and what we thought was important in 1956. You can read it here. (Note: The concept of a Class History died the next year, so that gives you an indication of how 'bad' ours must have been.)

class history 1956

Go Tigers!

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