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1st Row: Carolyn Anderson, Loretta Cain, Joan King, Sandra Walter, Nancy Parsons, Judy Walls, Beverly Stephenson
2nd Row: John Porter, Mrs. Margery Clay, Don Scott, Larry Piper, Marvin Smith, Judy Peyton, Ann Trimble, Jim Wynn
3rd Row: Jack Stephenson, Keith Lilly, Bill Strouse, Jack Mohler, Don Cline, Don White, Dick Hunt, Phil Acton, Ray Whitaker

What follows are collections of pictures (Albums) sent by classmates. They are grouped by who sent them. Each album contains from 10 to 20 pictures, arranged so you can click on each thumbnail to see a larger version.

Past Reunions
  Bill Strouse& Jack Mohler
Dick Hunt
Nancy Parsons
Karen Hayes
I used a program called Web Albums to create these Albums on my personal web domain. In the future if you ever want to put your own pictures on the Internet, I would recommend you use WebShots (like Bill Strouse's example above).


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'Johnny B Goode' (midi).

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