Changes Made As Memory Book Was Being Published
a Kisner p36 Day; Phelps p48 photo credit
b email links blue; resized pics (Cain,Dean,Graham,King,Phelps,Bev,Jill); horizontal spacing on many 2nd pages
c p5 address changes; vertical spacing on p45, p47, p59 & p79
d p5 blue means; p19 spacing
e vertical spacing on p41, p75, p77, p81, p83
f added extra photo to p12, p28, p3, p68, p70; spacing changes p70 & p72
g added Stuart to Wynn; p128 is 90# card stock; minor word changes to p49-p51
h p63 updates; p18 ',' removed from address
i photo credits on p28, p78 & p92; p111 Jeannie; p128 24# & 28#; p2 Anonymous; p5 sister email
j skipped - third black toner cartridge
k post-printing: White, Hunt, previous booklet contacts, girl scout names