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Links to the 55 who graduated in '56  (who have responded)

Phil Acton David Hobbs Nancy Parsons Bill Strouse
Carolyn Anderson Dick Hunt Judy Peyton Patty Tate
Bill Andrew Joe Janeway Sylvia Phelps Dwight Thompson
Bill Baker Dale Jones Larry Piper Beverly Threlkeld
Glen Broyles Keith Kernodle John Porter Anne Trimble
Loretta Cain Joan King David Rhea Judy Walls
Marjorie Clark Keith Lilly Donald Scott Sandra Walter
Don Cline Gary Long Gay Servies Jim Ware
Hollis Conover James Maddux Kay Servies Elwood Watson
Eddie Dean Carol Mann Marvin Smith Raymond Whitaker
Ann Elson Dale McRoberts Bill Sokeland Don White
Deanna Gilham Dick Miles Beverly Stephenson Sandra White
Charlotte Graham Jack Mohler Jack Stephenson Jim Wynn
Judy Hay Donald Hadley   Edwin Young
OTHERS Eddie Erner Lloyd Good Jim Onnen

You can view three separate lists on:

Here are some other pages that don't have any home.

1. Chronological listing of our 12 grades, by teacher, size, etc.

2. All classmate names from Grade 1 to 12 This page is definitely a work-in-progress; it needs your help to add missing names, correct mistakes and verify your own information.

3. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page

4. On a personal note I have included what I remember about each classmate (and some teachers). I also included a few of my 'Do You Remember' thoughts. Phil 'Acton has a more complete list that he likely will share with us at the reunion.

5. A 'hot' item on scanning past Tom Toms for which I am made a trip to the Danville Public Library on April 23-24, 2006. Results were somewhat disappointing because so few Tom Toms are available ('46, '48, and '54 to '56 which I already had). This page is similar to #1 above, only I am trying to name individuals as they came and went from our class.

6. A listing of ideas which I am working on; these may or may not get done. You may want to bug me on which you think are important.

7. A list of browsers on which I have tested this web site.

8. A list of classmates who were in the military or who have passed on.

9. Four pages from our Commencement, May 19, 1956.

10. History lesson from 1956:
          What happened in 1956
          What music did we play
          Some comments from 1956
          Comments from a Gramma born in 1938 (graduated in 1956)

11. Here are a couple lists of area graduates (uncovered by Jack Mohler but likely created by DHS committee member Bob Bales). They contain the names of all area graduates from 1923 through 1962. The original text files were imported into Excel spreadsheets, so you can sort and search them. The first list is of all Hendricks County grads hendricks-grads.xls, 944K in size, and the second is Danville-only grads danville-grads.xls,161K in size).

12. Here is a little quiz that I actually saw in my first chemical engineering class at Purdue.

This great track athlete, we will call him Jim Warez for this example, has the following statistics:

Jim is 6 feet tall, weighs 180 pounds, runs the 100 yard dash in 10.0 seconds, can high jump 6 feet and can long jump 20 feet. He can bench press 200 pounds. How high should Jim be able to pole vault?

Now the most interesting thing about this question is that it came on a Saturday quiz (yes, we had Saturday classes), after studying all week about energy balances (like engines or furnaces). Technically, it was about the 1st Law of Thermodynamics, viz, conservation of energy (energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed in form). The idea of the question was to 'think outside the box' and apply these same principles of energy balance to a 'unique' situation.

13. Rewind the Fifties - This is a semi-commercial web site ( that has lots and lots of examples about life in the 50s. You could easily spend a week looking at all the stuff on this web site. There are many similar sites, mostly about music, that individuals have developed.

Remember The Warriors !


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