Errors Discovered  After Memory Book Was Published
Date Who Page Web What  -  Fix By Comments
9-Aug-06 Dick Hunt 135 OK has Don Scott's info under 'IFYOU ARE RETIRED…'; web is OK DH typed over Scott's template; updated hunt.doc k
9-Aug-06 Don White 82 OK left out #1 son, Michael; web is OK DW updated white.doc k
9-Aug-06 Don White 123 n.a. was in the Army; that makes 16 in our class DW consider adding military page to web k
10-Aug-06 inside cover -1 n.a. added contact info for Mertz, Pierson & Bolton/Able EM revised inside cover.doc k
10-Aug-06 3rd-4th  94 updated 2nd row should read: Dean,Barker,???,Hunt,Long,Kivett,???,Jack EM revised p94 k
10-Aug-06 Girl Scouts 120 n.a. all names now on page 132 EM revised p132 k
10-Aug-06 colophon 128 n.a. minor wording changes for TIFF format EM revised colophon.doc k
12-Aug-06 Judy Martin 124 n.a.  Judy was gone 2.5 years in grades 1 to 3, back for grade 4 JM revised p124 & p133 k
23-Aug-06 Bev Oursler 5,69 updated changed email to  JO revised p5, p69 & p70 l
7-Oct-06 Kitty Wynn 83 updated Jim retired from Kadel Engineering KW revised p83
        Inconsistencies in Resource Material (Tom Tom, PowWow, etc)
Person Problem
Bonnie Eggers spelled last name wrong
Vincent Helton (board) butchered first name
Anne Trimble frequently left off 'e' in first name
Ray Whitaker often used 2 't's in last name
Sandra Walter sometimes added an 's' to last name
Jim Maddux sometimes spelled last name Maddex
Jim Wynn left out middle name (Stuart)
forrest green class colors - clever, but spelled wrong
     Known Problems With The Web Site
Page Problem
Opening (index.htm) MIDI song (memories.mid) does not play in Firefox browser
Opening (index.htm) Many Gecko-based browsers have problems with midis & exact page display
General Opera browser seems to display web site the same as Internet Explorer