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This is a 1947-1948 class picture of the 3th grade (courtesy of Don Cline and Jill Poynter). Mrs. Whittinghill was the teacher. We are fortunate to have names for everyone.

There are 34 classmates on this picture; I have definitely identified 9 more in the split class below, making a total of 45.

Ed Mertz and others are helping identify more of this split class, so if you have any ideas, let me know.


This is a 3rd-4th grade class picture, 1946-1947. It was a split class, taught by Nellie Blessing. The picture comes from Jim Ware. This picture also appears in Ed Mertz' Scrapbook. I have combined his names with my guesses. Help us out on the missing names.

Our class was the 3rd grade part. The full size 3rd grade class was taught by Mrs. Whittinghill--see above picture.

This is a 1947-1948 class picture of the 4th grade. Mrs Edna Mae Barnes was the teacher. How many of the 41 can you identify? Click on the picture to see an enlarged version. Also, there is a list of who's who.

Mrs. Barnes was famous for having each of us write a short 'job performance review' of her at the end of the school year. Then she proceded to lose them--I never believed that excuse.


This is a 1947-1948 class picture of the 4th grade. Mrs Edna Mae Barnes was the teacher. It is the same class as the above picture, only it was copied from the 1948 Tom Tom. Click on the picture to see an enlarged version. Also, there is a list of names taken from the 1948 Tom Tom.

This is a 1947-1948 class picture of a split 3rd-4th grade. Nellie Blessing was the teacher. (Our class was the 4th grade.) Click on the picture to see an enlarged version. Also, there is a list of names taken from the 1948 Tom Tom.

The grades were mixed up in the picture, so it is impossible to determine who was in which grade. I have put a 4 after names I thought were in the 4th grade. (I will try to clean up this picture at a later time.)


This is a 5th grade class picture, 1948-1949. It was a split 5th-6th grade class, taught by Ralph Wyand, who also was the elementary principle. I DID NOT have names for my copy of this picture, but with help from Jack Mohler, we got about half the names.

Then Ed Mertz, class 1955, got involved. This is his picture and he has identified all but one classmate. I believe #16 is C. Pearce and #33 is W. Bauman. Click on the picture to see a larger version and see if you can identify or confirm the questionable names.

My recollection is that Mrs. Walls taught the other part of the fifth grade students--we have no class picture. I always missed her mythology stories, but Wyand sure knew his English.

This is the track team for the spring of 1954. It was supplied by Jack Mohler. Again, there were no names for this picture, but one can guess most of the faces. Help me with the missing ones (thanks Bevo).

I was impressed by few other students while at Danville, but those few who were my heroes, with a couple of exceptions, are all present in this photo.


This is the 8th grade class picture, taken from the 1952 Tom Tom. It was supplied by Jack Mohler via his sister's snail-mail, so it has undergone a couple levels of digital degeneration.

There are 61 names and pictures for this grade. Every picture has a name.

You can see a larger version by clicking on each picture.

This is the freshman class picture, which would make it 1952-1953. It was supplied by Nancy & Jim Ware. There were no names, but one can guess all but a couple. Help me fill in the missing names.

Couple personal observations: (1) notice a marked difference in maturity levels even at this grade, and (2) coach Joseph DePeugh, one of our class sponsors, was argueably the best 'pure' coach I saw at Danville.

This was the football team for the 1955 season. If you click on the picture, you can see a bigger image. If you want to see the names for this picture, click here.

This appears to be a spring 1956 picture of the basketball team. It was supplied by Jim Ware, but without any names or description.

I have made a preliminary list of names. Check me out.



A1952 photo of the Danville Tennis Club, by far the most powerful and talented youth athletic program in the state of Indiana. There were numerous State Championship winners; the women, in particular, dominated Indiana tennis for 5+ years.

I can identify 3-4 names who played college tennis at Div I level and probably 5-6 more who played at Div II & III. The driving force were 3 coaches: Rosemary Frazier (Helton), Florence Cartlidge and Bob Leedy.

Notice the background to see what a hotbed of 'opportunity' the Danville Park was.

This 1953 photo of the Danville Tennis Club shows the 'hard core' players as well as the always up-and-coming youth movement.

For me personally, the greatest adult influence, after my parents, came from the three coaches mentioned above--more than any teacher. They were responsible for my own 30+ years coaching.

I count 7 players from our Class of 1956. J.B.Hayes, back row, today might be the best player for his age in the country. See names.

A local paper shot of the seniors on the 1955 football team.
I uncovered this while going through my Mother's papers. There was no date or names on it, so you are on your own to identify the culprits, when it was shot and what the heck they were up to.


I found a dog-eared, mimeograph copy of a CLASS HISTORY of our Senior Class in 1956. I have reproduced the first part here, which purports to list who was part of our class from grade 1 to 12. See the 1956 Tom-Tom link to see the entire document.


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