Updates Received From Classmates
No. Date Who What
1 11-Aug-06 none received as yet
2 17-Oct-06 John Porter Changed email to doodledogman@tds.net 
3 28-Sep-06 Larry Piper Added some info about Eddie Erner
4 15-Dec-07 Larry Piper Added #10 to CURRENT.HTM - couple lists of all graduates of DHS
5 27-Dec-07 Larry Piper Added a link to the entire Memory Book, 84M, (143Oct11.pdf)
6 15-Feb-08 Larry Piper Added 'track' quiz (#11) on CURRENT.HTM
7 01-Apr-08 Larry Piper Corrected spelling of Anne Trimble (hopefully I have found them all)
8 02-Apr-08 Larry Piper Added #12 to CURRENT.HTM - Rewind the Fifties web site
9 03-Jun-08 Joannie King Kisner Death of husband, Dave - see News
10 28-Jul-09 Bill Sokeland Changed phone:  (812) 630-9085