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Classroom Pictures

Miss Eleanor McClain's 1st Grade Class 1946 - 1947 - (Judy Officer)

Front Row:  Mildred Smith, Karen Hayes, Florine Threkeld, ??, Becky Baker, Barbara Smith, Joan Perkins, Linda Snyder, Janet Buchanan,
Judith Reed,  Judy Featheringill, ??, Judy Officer
Middle Row:  Jack Frank, Melvin Morphew, ??, ??, ??, John Peyton, Ronald Johnson, Vernuse Mings, ??, Don Helton, John Hughes
Back Row:  Dean Dodson, ??, Jim (Delos) Jones, Ken White, Steven Parr, Max Clay, ??, Stephen Campbell, Lee Shorter. Miss McClain


1947 Band Performance - 1st Grade - 1947 - (Dean Dodson)


Miss Thomas' 2nd Grade Class 1947 - 1948 - (Dean Dodson)

Row 1:  Rodger Watson, Sharon Dininger, Ken White, Peri Ann Irish, Fred Leedy
Row 2:  ??, Carol Sandborn, ??, ??, ??
Row 3:  Judy Davis, Dean Dodson, Mary Blanton, Janet Buchanan, John Hughes
Row 4:  Becky Baker, ?? Stephen Campbell, ??
Row 5:  Linda Snyder
Standing: Charles Smith, Anne Kendall, Vernuse Mings, ??, ??, Ronald Johnson, ??, Marvin Morphew, Barbara Smith, Joan Perkins, ??
Miss Thomas


Mrs. Christy's 2nd Grade Class 1947 - 1948- (Karen Hayes)

Front Row: ??, Jack Frank , Don Fuson, Alice Chalfant, Peggy Every-Clayton
2nd Row: Mildred Smith, Charles Sale, ??, ??, Harriet Harvey, Darlene Ewing
3rd Row: Carl Shorter, ??, David Watts, Steven Parr, ??, ??
Standing: Max Clay, ??, Don Teany, Don Wilson, Judy Featheringill, ??, Paul Davisson, Michael Glover,
Phil Myers, John Peyton, Karen Hayes, Florine Threlkeld, Jeanne Gill, ?? , Mrs. Christy


Mrs. Whittinghill's 3rd Grade Class 1948 - 1949 - (Judy Officer)

Row 1:   Fred Leedy, Peri Irish, Darlene Ewing, Judy Officer, Alice Chalfant, ??, ??
Row 2:  Vernuse Mings, Mildred Smith, Sharon Dininger, Madonna Money, Delos Jones, Marvin Morphew, Janet Buchanan
Row 3:  Lee Shorter, Harriet Harvey, Don Wilson, Michael Glover, ??, David Watts
Row 4:  Imogene ?, Max Clay, John Peyton, Roger Fuson, Judy Davis
Row 6:   Grace ?, Paul Davisson, Charles Smith
Standing:   Mrs. Whittinghill, Karen Hayes, Steven Parr, Ronald Johnson


Mrs. Nellie Blessing's 3rd Grade Class 1948 - 1949 - (Paul Davisson)

Row 1: Judy Featheringill, Peggy Every-Clayton, Linda Snyder, Florine Threlkeld, Don Teany, Dean Dodson, ??
Row 2: Becky Baker, Paul Davisson, Anne Kendall, ?? , John Hughes, Joann Perkins, Melvin Morphew
Row 3: Mary Blanton, Carol Sanborn, ?? , John Mead, Jeanne Gill, ?? ,
Row 4: Don Helton, ?? , Barbara Smith, Ken White, ??
Row 5: ??, ?? , Lee Shorter
Standing: Mrs. Blessing, Charles Smith, Rodger Watson, ?? , ?? , Michael Glover


Music Program 3rd Grade - maybe Christmas - (Dean Dodson)



7th Grade 1952 - 1953 - (Judy Officer)

Row 1: Marvin Morphew, John Peyton, John Hughes, ??, Don Helton, Terry Adamson, ??, ?? , Fred Morgan, Charles Smith
Row 2: Karen Hayes, Jeanne Gill, Joann Martin, Peri Irish, Sue Mann, Judy Davis, Harriet Harvey, Peggy Every-Clayton, Joann Perkins
Row 3: Ann Cummins, Anne Kendall, Melvin Morphew, ?? ,. Jack Ingle, Dave Taylor, Phil Myers, ??, Ken White, Richard Hill, Roger Phelps, Jack Norman
Row 4: Barbara Smith, Mary Blanton, Linda Snyder, Judy Featheringill, Sharon Dininger, Alice Chalfant, Carol Sandborn, Florine Threlkeld,
Judy Officer, Darlene Ewing, Janet Buchanan, Betty Crouch, Steven Parr
Row 5: David Watts, ?? , Don Teany, Vernuse Mings, John Mead, Ronald Johnson, Dean Dodson, Fred Leedy, Delos Jones, Frank Harrell
Row 6: Don Wilson, Max Clay, Paul Davisson, Charles Sale, Rodger Watson, Don Acton, Cleveland Carlisle, Jack Frank, Bill Bowen, Don Fuson, Jim Gregg
Class sponsors: Mr. Slinker and Mrs. Clay


8th Grade Pictures taken from the 1954 Tom Tom - (Judy Officer)



Freshman Pictures taken from the 1955 Tom Tom - (Judy Officer)


Sophomore Pictures taken from the 1956 Tom Tom - (Judy Officer)


Junior Pictures taken from the 1957 Tom Tom - (Max Poynter)


FIFTY-NINE SENIORS RECEIVE DIPLOMAS - taken from the 1958 Tom Tom (Judy Officer)

First Row: Donald Teany, Phil Myers, Roger Phelps, Roger Tolbert, David Taylor, John Peyton, Marvin Morphew, Charles Sale, Donald Wilson, Richard Neal
Second Row: Rodger Watson, Jerry Arnold, John White, David Watts, Melvin Morphew, William Cody, Richard Hill, Daniel Scott, William Bowen, John Ingle
Third Row: Ronald Johnson, Kenneth White, Ronald Dodson, James Jones, Kenneth Hunter, Max Clay, John Daugherty, John Howard, Paul Davisson, John Hughes, Don Helton
Fourth Row: Mildred Smith, Carolyn Day, Madonna Money, Judith Davis, Wilma Eldridge, Janet Buchanan, Margaret Every-Clayton, Alice Chalfant,
Florine Threlkeld, Judith Officer, Jeanne Gill, Linda Snyder, Fredric Leedy
Fifth Row: Michael Glover, Don Fuson, Harriet Harvey, Linda Caskey, Mary Jo Deland, Barbara Smith, Sharon Dininger, Karen Hayes, Anne Kendall,
Elizabeth Cummins, Gary Hoffman, James Gregg

From the Yearbook......

Reverand McFGall, pastor of the First Methodist Church in Bloomington, gave the 79th Commencement address of Danville High School on May 28.
Superintendent-principal, C. O. Walls, presented the diplomas to the 59 seniors attired in navy and light blue gowns.
Seniors receiving their diplomas cum laude were Linda Snyder, Charles Sale, Donald Teany, Jeanne Gill, Paul Davisson, Judith Officer and William Cody.
Selections played by the Danville High School Band included "War March of the Priests", "Halls of Ivy" and "Pomp and Circumstance."
Baccalaureate services were in the Danville Christian Church on May 25 with Reverand George Smith giving the address.
The Robed Choir sang "The Lord's Prayer", "Ours is the Wrold" and "Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor."

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