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Address List for Class of 1958

The class address list is password protected to protect the confidentiality of class members.

For the username, think of the school mascot: we were the Danville 'mascot'. For the password, think of the school principal's last name. Capitalization does not matter (sorry about that K.L.A.). email Judy if you cannot figure out the username and password.

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You will need to have a PDF reader installed on your computer--you likely already have one--in order to read each classmate's biography. If you have an older (less powerful computer) or still use Windows 98 or Windows 95, or you don't like slow download speeds, you probably should use Foxit. Otherwise, use the larger, more popular Adobe; either will display and/or print the biographies just fine.

Get and install either   here (20M) or  here (2M).

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