Errors Discovered  After Memory Book Was Published
Date Who Page Web What  -  Fix By Comments
13-Jul-08 Piper 83 Disappointed I didn't get more information on 'Other Classmates' jo
14-Jul-08 Piper 84 Still missing many specific death dates; no obits jo
14-Jul-08 Piper 127 Likely missed a couple classmates who served in military jo
19-Jul-08 Piper 5+6 Address, phone and email info should be correct jo
21-Jul-08 Hoffman 127 military8 Fuson in Navy, Grigg in Marines, Teany in Army gh That makes 16 males + 6 wives in military
        Inconsistencies in Resource Material (Tom Tom, PowWow, etc)
Person Problem
Bonnie Eggers spelled last name wrong
Vincent Helton (board) multiple name spellings