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'58 + 50 = CELEBRATION !!


Friday evening at Chateau Thomas Winery

Front Row: Linda Snyder, Gary Hoffman, Judy Officer, Mildred Smith, Wilma Eldridge, Barbara Smith, Charles Sale, Jeanne Gill,
Judy Davis, Ann Cummins, Karen Hayes, Don Helton
Back Row: David Watts, Michael Glover, Dean Dodson, Don Acton, Ken White, Alice Chalfant, Richard Hill, Roger Phelps,
John Howard, Rodger Watson, Paul Davisson



Saturday evening DHS School Reunion at the new Hendricks County Fairgrounds

Seated: Phil Myers, Barbara Smith, Jeanne Gill, Linda Snyder, Ann Cummins
Middle Row:
Gary Hoffman, Michael Glover, Charles Sale, Judy Officer, Madonna Money, Judy White, Wilma Eldridge, Anne Kendall,
Mildred Smith, Karen Hayes, John Daugherty, Rodger Watson
Back Row: Roger Phelps, Dave Taylor, Ken Hunter, Dean Dodson, Don Acton, Paul Davisson, David Watts, Alice Chalfant, Ken White,
John Howard, Richard Hill


Sunday lunch at the Ellis Park Train Station

Seated: Karen Hayes, Anne Kendall, Rodger Watson, Michael Glover
Middle Row: Don Acton, Paul Davisson, John Howard, Dave Watts, Judy White, Richard Hill, Judy Officer, Mildred Smith, Ken White
Back Row: Roger Phelps, Gary Hoffman, Ann Cummins, Wilma Eldridge, Barbara Smith, Jeanne Gill


For additonal pictures from each event, click on the above picture for that day.


July 10, 2010 -- Added pictures on Reunion Pictures page for 2009 and 2010 reunions at Hendricks County Fairgrounds (click here)

Mon, June 16 -- A group picture from each of the 3 weekend events posted here
Fri,    June 20 -- Final test book printed. Looks good !
Mon, June 23 -- Changes in emails, death dates, etc continue to trickle in
Wed, June 25 -- Started printing Memory Book; takes 3-4 hours per book
Thu,  June 26 -- Rumors of a Hoffman slide show
Mon, June 30 -- Xerox 6120 printer repaired, but it is showing its age
Thu,    July 03 -- Mailed out two Books to 'test' Post Office; switched to new printer, HP 3600n; it
now takes only 1 hour to print a book
Sat,     July 05 -- Received a thumb drive from Hoffman containing a polished version of his Friday night spiel. It will be included with Memory Book
Mon,   July 07 -- The Skunkworks of Hoffman & Piper is working overtime on a possible DVD to be included with the Memory Book
Thu,    July 10 -- Final 3 Web Albums created for the above 3 pictures--just click on the picture to see them; book #34 of 41 printed, nearly out of toner !
Mon,    July 14 -- DVDs contaning Hoffman's slide show, pdf file of Memory Book, web site and all images were burned and printed; 11 book mailings
Tue,     July 15 -- 37 of 41 books now finished with printing; out of toner, new toner not expected until Friday; 13 more book mailings; Mildred Smith Gill sent a picture puzzle!
Mon,    July 21 -- All books have been mailed; will return any photos you sent me under separate cover. Reviews so far have been better than 'The Dark Knight'
Tue,    July 22 -- Future News + Updates page is now active; let's get those cards and letters sent

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