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1. From our Commencement, May 28, 1958, you can view the program/faculty and the Class Roll for Commencement and Baccalaureate. Also, there is a picture of our diploma and invitation.

2. Our classmate's names from kindergarten and 1stgrade. Then you can view the changes for each of our 12 years at D.H.S. (from the Senior Issue of the PowWow) of the Class History. Finally, you can view a summary of the 32 classmates who went all 12 years at Danville, and when the other 27 arrived at classmates. This data has some errors, based upon annual TomTom pictures, so if you know of any corrections, please tell me.


3. A retyping of the Senior Issue of the TomTom, May 28, 1958, Senior Class
          Class History
          Class Will
          Class Advice
          Class Prophecy

4. A History lesson from 1958:
          What happened in 1958
          What music did we play
          Who Won What in 1958
          Some comments from 1958
          Comments from a Gramma born in 1938 (graduated in late '50s)

5. Here are some further pages about our classmates:
          Info about 7 classmates who are missing
          Who was in the military
          Classmates with the 'most'

6. Rewind the Fifties - This is a semi-commercial web site ( that has lots and lots of examples about life in the 50s. You could easily spend a week looking at all the stuff on this web site. There are many, many similar sites, mostly about music, that individuals have developed. See #8 below as part of the FAQ link for 8-10 of the better web site examples.

7. Here are a couple lists of area graduates--uncovered by Jack Mohler but likely created by DHS committee member Bob Bales. They contain the names of all area graduates from 1923 through 1962. The original text files were imported into Excel spreadsheets, so you can sort and search them. The first list is of all Hendricks County grads, 216 p, hendricks-grads.pdf, 944K in size, and the second is Danville-only grads, 34 p, danville-grads.pdf,161K in size).

8. A list of browsers on which I have tested this web site.

9. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. This is a six page document that, hopefully, will answer all the questions you might have about this web site.

10. How did we create this web site and the booklet, or 'Everything you wanted to know about creating a tangible, lasting memory of your class reunion'.

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