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Vintage Pictures



Front Row:   Mr. Brinkman, Dean Dodson,Ron Johnson, Don Helton, Don Wilson, Jack Ingle, Ken White, John White, Phil Myers, John Howard, Mr. Gray
Second Row:   Mr. Leavitt, Marvin Morphew, Jim Jones, David Watts, Charles Sale, Don Teany,Fred Morgan, Dick Neal, Max Clay, John Daugherty, Mr. Walls
Third Row:   John Peyton (manager), Dan Scott, L. Myers, J. Money, B. Wilson, D. Thompson, B. Schults, T. Grosclose, B. Franklin, T. Sale, C. Ellis, B. Patton (manager)
Fourth Row:   B. Sharp, S. Hayes, B. Higgins, M. Davis, R. Strouse, J. Rutledge, S. Etienne, A. Hearn, D. Burton, R. Lange, B. Teany
Fifth Row:   D. Parent (manager), B. Patterson, P. Tucker, B. Clark, J. Smith, B. Chalfant



      Front Row:        Mr. Leavitt, Melvin Morphew, DeLos Jones, John Daugherty, John White, Don Helton, Mr. Walls
Second Row:   Bill Franklin, Dave Watts, Charles Ellis, Bob Schults, Dick Thompson, Ken Hunter, Tim Sale



Front Row: B. Dunn, N. Dininger, B. Clark, J. Shelton, S. Watson, J. Tucker, D. Clark, B. Brock. G. Ball
Second Row: Mr. Walls, Coach; C. Smith, T. Sale, J. Money, Dick Neal, Don Teany, Charles Sale, Don Helton, B. Schults, B. Wilson
Third Row: S. Etienne, Dean Dodson, Ken White, Dave Watts, Don Wilson, Max Clay, G. Snyder, C. Hoffman, J. Daugherty



Front Row:   Jerry Smith, Max Clay, John Daugherty, Fred Morgan, Ken Hunter, Ken White, Bill Bair, Carroll Smith
Second Row:   John Patton (manager), Bill Patterson, Jim Gregg, Dean Dodson, Dave Watts, Harry Clark, Herman Garrett, Jim Rutledge, Mr. Leavitt, Coach



Front Row:   Marvin Morphew, Delos Jones, John Howard, John Daugherty, Dick Neal, Max Clay, Dean Dodson, Mr. Gray, Sponsor
Second Row:   Ken White, Ronald Johnson, Dan Scott, Don Teany, Charles Sale, Don Wilson, Dave Watts, Don Helton, Phil Myers
Third Row:   R. Lange, B. Wilson, Melvin Morphew, Jack Ingle, Fred Morgan, John White, B. Franklin, T. Sale
Fourth Row:   Gary Hoffman, D. Thompson, B. Schults, B. Bair, Rodger Watson, Ken Hunter, John Peyton







Pictures from Karen Hayes here       


Pictures from Paul Davisson here       



Pictures from Dean Dodson here         



Pictures from Judy Officer here         


Pictures from Mildred Smith Gill (received 7-14-08) - She and her four siblings are all graduates of D.H.S. If you left click on any of the six pictures below, you will get the original picture. If you left click again, you will get a greatly enlarged version that you can examine closer.


   Pic 1                                           Pic 2                                             Pic 3


              Pic 4                                                              Pic 5                                                     PIc 6

Pic 5 has Larry's sister, Janet Piper, in it, so that is the Class of 1961; teacher was Mrs. Key
Pic 6 has second grade marked on it; it likely is the Class of 1958 on page 89 of our Memory Book
Pic 3 is the third grade, Class of 1957; I see G.Myers & J.Gibbs in this picture
Pic 2 is the 2nd Grade, Class of 1957 with her brother, Arthur Arnold, in the middle row on the right; I also see K.Franklin & J.Crawley
Her other siblings graduated in 1960 (Rachel) likely Pic 1, and 1966 (Howard) likely Pic 4

Now you may be saying why don't we just ask Mildred about these pictures. Well, she doesn't have an email, or likely even a computer. She has never seen this web site. Some day when the dust has settled from the 50th Reunion, I will make a phone call to ask some questions.


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