Name of Site U.R.L. Description
July, 1996
1 IWAY500 cciweb.com/iway500/iway500.html top 25 sites in 20 categories
2 CNN www.cnn.com cnn scripts for downloading
3 PI www.chaco.com/useless/useless/ip.html info & sites concerning pi--3.14159...
4 TUCOWS www.tucows.com latest versions of internet software
5 QUILTING PAGE quilt.com/MainQuiltingPage.html great if this is your bag
6 CURRENCY CONVERTER www.xe.net/currency/ convert any of 50 currencies into any other
1 1001 FUN STUFF www.zdnet.com/pccomp/lowband/freestuff/1001forms.html
2 NETSCAPE home.netscape.com home page for Netscape browser
3 MOVIE SOUNDS www.moviesounds.com/ 10-12 sounds from 40-50 movies
4 WEB DESIGN TOOLS www2.lynda.com/lynda/links.html one of many lynda pages
5 FAMILY TREE MAKER www.familytreemaker.com/ genealogy home page
6 RECRUITING LINKS www.recruiting-links.com Employer/Employee links
September, 1996
1 YAHOO www.yahoo.com most popular search engine
2 PBS www.pbs.org National  PBS site
3 C|NET ONLINE www.cnet.com reviews, TV schedule
4 MY YAHOO my.yahoo.com personalized web starting site
5 OLD FASHIONED ROSES www.halcyon.com/cirsium/rosegal/welcome.htm roses, roses, roses
6 SVCA SITE www.members.lpiper1960/svca.htm SVCA Club site
October, 1996
1 SHAREWARE SEARCH www.shareware.com/ Find any shareware
2 EVERYTHING TIME/NUMERIC www.panix.com/~wlinden/calendar/shtml 100+ links to other calendar sites
3 MICROSOFT FRONT PAGE www.microsoft.com/ Mother of all web sites
4 Collection of Search Sites www.ts.umu.se/~hezze.search.htm search for anything and everything
5 TV THEMES-Sound Bytes www.tvtrecords.com/tvbytes/ very busy site, but a must for sound fiends
6 TRAVEL PLANS www.travelocity.com Travel plans to Anywhere!
November, 1996
1 Mercury News www.merc.com Daily e-mail news, sports, stocks, weather
2 Lou Mikkelsen Home Page www.worldaxes/com/loumikk/index.htm Great content presentation
3 Tour Bus www.worldvillage.com/tourbus.htm Good site and newsletter for newbie
4 USA Today www.usatoday.com Similar to newspaper, but on line
5 Map Quest www.mapquest.com If you need a map, go to MapQuest
6 Biography www.biography.com 15K biographies, tied to TV show on A&E
December, 1996 BCN
1 Download COM www.download.com Everything to download; branch of c|net
2 du Jour www.dujour.com Daily fix of trivia, puzzles, riddles, birthdays
3 Leslie's Graphics Store users.penn.com/~jonles/ great site to download web graphics
4 Centre for Easily Amused www.amused.com over 1000 sites to waste your time
5 Net Lingo www.netlingo.com glossary of hundreds of I-net terms
6 Internet Society www.isoc.org/ everything you want to know about I-NET
January, 1997 BCN
1 1001 Best Sites www.pccomputing.com Who can argue with magazine editors
2 Learn HTML & web www.mcli.dist.maricopa.edu/lessons.html Great location to learn HTML
3 This Day in History www.scopesys.com/today/ Birthdays, events, deaths, holidays
4 Point Cast www.pointcast.com Free Newservice
5 NOW now.org/now/home.html NOW Womens' Pages
6 World Addresses www.worldpages.com Find e-mail for anywhere in the world
February, 1997 BCN
1 LookSmart www.looksmart.com New look-and-feel search engine
2 Digital Education Network www.actden.com p.54, Net, ed. opp./learning on line
3 Shareware.com (Duplicate) www.shareware.com great resources
4 New Yahoo search.yahoo.com faster, less busy, people or files
5 WhoWhere www.whowhere.com fair on people (2 LPs)
6 Readers Digest www.readersdigest.com slow graphics, bad site
March, 1997 BCN
1 Adam Storch home.pb.net/~storch/ 40+ search engines + lots of fun & free stuff
2 Beaucoup www.beaucoup.com/engines.html 600+ search engines
3 Ron Schmars www.concentric.net/~Rschmars/ one of the best personal pages I've seen
4 Starting Point www.stpt.com starting place for multiple search engines
5 MIDI  www.liveupdate.com great source of music for your web page
6 Sporting News www.sportingnews.com the ultimate jock site
April, 1997 BCN
1 Travelocity  (Duplicate)+B300+B253 www.travelocity.com travel information
2 Dave Central www.davecentral.com great source of downloads
3 Lesley www.epix.net/~lesley/index.html another great personal page
4 WMEN TV www.concentric.net/~wmentv5 local TV station
5 Project Gutenberg www.promo.net/pg/ put books in electronic form
6 TipWorld www.tipworld.com tip of the day in many areas
May, 1997 BCN
1 DOGPILE www.dogpile.com latest combination of search engines
2 MIDI music sources www.tx-marketeers.com/musicroom/noframes.htm Monster MIDI page
3 Freebies www.netutopia.com/freebies/index.html free things
4 STROUD's cws Apps cws.iworld.com great download site for all things web
5 School Web Home Pages web16.umn.edu 6900 K-12 home page
6 What Happened Today www.scopesys.com/today check out your birthday
July, 1997 BCN
1 POTUS www.ipl.org/ref/POTUS presidents biographies
2 DailyWAV www.dailywav.com sound files; takes requests !
3 Morningstar www.morningstar.net mutual fund tracking & research
4 Kim Komando www.komando.com computer guru 
5 NY Museum www.moma.org just what you'd expect for this site
6 Gamespot www.gamespot.com buy games online/mail order
August, 1997 BCN
1 StockWiz www.stockwiz.com many financial search engines
2 EZines webreference.com/magazines.html magazines about web and home
3 Books onLine www.cs.cmu.edu/bookauthors.html books in electronic form
4 NoNags ded.com/nonags/ freeware & shareware; no nagging!
5 PCTV www.pctv.com computer shows on TV
6 TourBus www.tourbus.com Crispen & Rankin
September, 1997 BCN
1 Mailing Lists www.liszt.com
2 UPS www.ups.com UPS delivery
3 People Search ww.yahoo.com/search/people/
4 HotSheet www.hotsheet.com Leads to great web sites
5 Sign Language www.feist.com/~randys/
6 1001 Best Downloads www.anchordesk.com/story/story_941.html PC Computing, monthly updates
7 James Randi www.randi.org/jr/ Sundays Scams, Scoundrels,
October, 1997 BCN
1 10K web sites web.idirect.com/~klg/indexrec.html KLG; Rec & Sports web sites
2 100 newspaper sites www.newsworks.com 40s, Lions/Roswell
3 Robin's Nest www2.netdoor.com/~smslady/ Robin's Nest
4 Lots of Quotes www.starlingtech.com/quotes/ to Scopes System
5 Preston's Web Picks www.hotfiles.com/prespick/presmain.html ZDNet Daily Double & Monthly picks
6 Census  www.census.gov/cgi-bin/popclock U.S. Census Bureau
7 Reverse White Pages www.555-1212.com/ Find a name from a phone number
November, 1997 BCN
1 Great Sites on WWW www.clarityconnect.com/webpages/aceohearts/acemain.htm
2 Nat'l Inst Health text.nlm.nih.gov US Natl Lib of Medicine; Health Serv/Tech Assessment Text; HSTA
3 Kids Tools www.kidtools.com KidTools is the world largest retailer of children's
4 High School classmates www.schoolnews.com Find your old High School classmates here!; 16,000 HS[1]
5 Audio Card www.audiocard.com Send an email w/a song
6 SupportHelp www.SupportHelp.com/ company, product, keyword
7 National Parks www.nps.gov national parks information[2]
December, 1997 BCN
1 All In One Search Engine www.albany.net/allinone/ Search Engine; 
2 Toddler Activities members.aol.com/toddleroo/activities/open.htm 101 Activities for Toddlers; Julie Drake
3 Teach Young Stock Market portia.advanced.org/3088/ To learn everything there is to know about the stock market, you might like
4 WACpac animated GIFs www.wacpac.com
5 Over 50 Third Age www.thirdage.com 50+ site
6 History Channel www.historychannel.com/historychannel/thisday/  
January, 1998 BCN
1 ZD Net University www.zdu.com/zdu/catalog/tour.htm $5/mo to take courses
2 Search Engine Watch www.searchenginewatch.com/ Guide, Facts, States
3 Consumers Reports www.consumerreports.org magazine on line, $3 sub.[3]
4 User Group Network www.user-groups.com to programming, look no further than JAVASCRIPT FOR THE TOTAL[4]
5 Super Chess site home.pi.net/~jefkaan/chess.htm [5]
6 Quack Watch www.quackwatch.com/ Your Guide to health fraud, quackery, and intelligent decisionmaking.
7 Crayola Art Education www.crayola.com/art_education  
8 Barbie Doll www.ncweb.com/users/barbie/links.html 2000+ links
March, 1998 BCN
1 Electronic Cards www.bluemountain.com/
2 Andover Update subscribe.andover.net subscribe newsletter
3 Hotsheet     (Duplicate) B24 www.hotsheet.com
4 Lockergnome www.lockergnome.com/ good advice; 2/wk newsletter
5 Clip Art Warehouse www.clipart.co.uk hard to download
6 File Dudes www.filedudes.com another software site[6]
April, 1998 BCN
1 Movie Reviews www.screenit.com/ [7]
2 SharePaper Newsletter www.sharepaper.com/maillist.html   [8]
3 Universal shipping calc. www.wwmerchant.com/iship/ get best pkg. shipping rates - Intershipper
4 Free Catalogs www.catalogsite.com/ [9]
5 What's a dollar worth woodrow.mpls.frb.fed.us/economy/calc/cpihome.html  [10]
6 Acronyms & file formats whatis.com/  [11]
7 The Mining Company www.miningco.com  
8 Great Books www.bookspot.com/  [12]
May, 1998 BCN
1 Basic information documents civnet.org/resoures/teach/basic/content.htm[13] civics course
2 Michigan Travel Info www.michigan.org start here[14]
3 FAQ Resources www.faqs.org The best FAQs resources in my taste, and one that has a very wise 
4 Newspaper Links, 1000 www.writenews.com/newslinks/ 1,000 links to online US and International
5 MetaFind ns.metafind.com Search Engine; a sorted dogpile
6 Consumer World www.consumerworld.org check out anything & everything[15]
7 Free Stuff surf.to/free-stuff 25 major categories[16]
June, 1998 BCN
1 United Nations CyberSchoolBus www.un.org/Pubs/CyberSchoolBus/infonation/e_infonation.htm facts about UN members[17]
2 WIN 95 tips www.wugnet.com W[18]
3 Top Secret Recipes www.topsecretrecipes.com clones of famous dishes
4 Wave Place www.wavplace.com massive wav repository
5 Laura's Music laurasmidiheaven.simplenet.com 8000 MIDIs
6 Foreign Language www.geocities.com/~lagringa Kathryn ?, sent email
7 Voice Speaking www.bell-labs.com/project/tts/voices.html man, woman, child speaking
8 Death Clock www.deathclock.com morbid !
July, 1998 BCN
1 Web Resource wdvl.internet.com
2 Rail Trails www.railtrails.org/ Rail Trails Conversency
3 Darwin Awards www.DarwinAwards.com
4 Latest WIN 98 Info (indepen.) www.windows98.org Popular Science, 7/98
5 100 greatest movies afi.100movies.com 6/16/98  3 hr. TV
100 Most Influential people in movies www.film100.com/cgi/direct.cgi?v.wayn The one hundred most influential people in the history of the movies. 
6 File formats www.matisse.net/files/formats.html [19]
7 Bizarre Science Projects freeweb.pdq.net/headstrong Popular Science, 7/98
8 Internet Traffic Report www.internettrafficreport.com 
9  @backup www.atbackup.com/main.html 30 trial
August, 1998 BCN
1 Linux Operating System linux.miningco.com/ [20]
2 Garden Com www.garden.com  [21]
3 Poems www.zoomnet.net/~petecol/poemlist.html [22]
4 Encyclopedia Britannica www.eblast.com [23]
5 Web-art links www.galstar.com/~philbaby/  [24]
6 Intro to WIN 98 www.cbtplus.com/main.html [25]
7 Bizarre Stuff You Can Make in Your Kitchen freeweb.pdq.net/headstrong/ [26]
8 Astrology www.astrology.net [27]
September, 1998 BCN
1 Greatest films, yr, $, inflation www.filmsite.org/index.html
2 Simtel Programs oak.oakland.edu/simtel.net/win95/inet.html alpha, date listing (huge)
3 Death, Dying and Grief www.katsden.com/death/
4 Readers' Digest www.readersdigest.com/ [28]
5 Lyrics World www.summer.com.br/~pfilho/
6 Feel Good Stories www.heartwarmers4u.com
7 TOP 100 WEB SITES  -  ZDNet www.zdnet.com/pcmag/special/web100/index.html
8 Review Finder www.reviewfinder.com/ [29]
(missed Oct. due to Lynn moving up deadline w/2 days notice)
November, 1998 BCN
1 Lockergnome www.lockergnome.com/ [30]
2 Compass Newsletter pathfinder.com/pathfinder/compass   --> cmpssadm@pathfinder.com
3 Surfnetkids www.surfnetkids.com [31]
4 Live Radio on Internet www.frodo.u-net.com/radio.htm
5 Address of World Leaders www.trytel.com/~aberdeen/ [32]
6 Architecture www.greatbuildings.com/ [33]
7 Inventors Hall of Fame www.invent.org/book [34]
8 Music Site www.rockinwoman.com melodies
January, 1999 BCN
1 Womens Hall of Fame www.greatwomen.org/index.html
2 Con games, psychics www.congames.con/idex.html
3 Fred Langa, columnist www.langa.com plus browser tune
4 See your backyard www.terraserver.com/
5 CHARMAYNE's Home Sweet Web Home www.bischel.com/~charmayn/
6 Top 10 links www.toptenlinks.com/ 555 links
7 PC Mag Tech Utilities www.zdnet.com/pcmag/pctech/index-ut.html
February, 1999 BCN
1 Learn2 http://www.learn2.com series of tutorials on life
2 eBay http://www.ebay.com/aboutebay98/index.html Buy & Sell on line
3 FAQs http://www.zdnet.com/chkpt/zdnu9802023001/www.zdnet.com/zdhelp/fixit_help/faq_help/faq_help.html
4 The WebRing Home Page http://www.webring.org The WebRing Home Page[35]
5 Darnest Stories http://www.TheDamnedestThing.com [36]
6 GuideStar.org http://www.guidestar.org/ non profit organizations[37]
7 Care Mail http://www.care-mail.com/index.shtml email cards: animation, sound, enviro
8 CNN/Sports Illustrated Site http://www.cnnsi.com [38]
9 Beginners Guide MP3 http://chkpt.zdnet.com/chkpt/zdnu99011602/www.zdtv.com/callforhelp/projects/story/0,3650,2186431,00.html
April, 1999 BCN
1 World Village http://www.worldvillage.com family portal
2 Direct Hit http://www.directhit.com/ relevancy search engine
3 Hamster Dance http://www.hampsterdance.com/
4 MI Sex Offenders Registry http://www.mipsor.state.mi.us/mipsor/cgi-bin/mipsor.exe
5 Obtain Key Documents http://www.thirdage.com/news/archive/990217-02.html 
6 Human Genome Project http://vector.cshl.org/dnaftb/ Dr. James Watson
7 Pro & College Ball Parks http://www.ballparks.com [39]
8 Genealogy Links http://www.cyndislist.com Cindi's 40K genealogy links
May, 1999 BCN
1 Newbie to Knowbie http://www.newbie-u.com/ may have talked about before
2 Google Search Engine http://www.google.com/
3 Internic Register http://www.internic.com
4 Dow Jones Internet Index http://indexes.dowjones.com./djii/djiihome.html#top
5 Time Capsule http://dmarie.com/asp/history.asp?action=process
6 Top Sites 1998 http://www.netguide.com/special/netguide99/home.html
7 SharePaper Newsletter. http://www.sharepaper.com shareware reviews
8 Broadcast.com http://www.broadcast.com/
9 Patent & Trademark Office http://www.uspto.gov/
February, 2000 BCN
1 Search Engine http://www.alltheweb.com
2 Check your PC for updates http://www.updates.com/ [40]
3 ZDTV Top 50 Games http://www.zdnet.com/downloads/hotfiles/50fgam.html
4 DVD FAQ http://www.dvdresource.com/dvdfaq/dvdfaq.shtml#1
5 Top 100 Athletes http://espn.go.com/sportscentury/index.html
6 Health & Fitness http://www.phys.com/
7 Lowest Prices http://www.pricewatch.com/
8 Enduring Wisdom http://tula710.simplenet.com/index.html
9 100 Greates TV moments http://cgi.pathfinder.com/ew/fab400/tv100/index.html                                  ..

Find your old High School classmates here!
Our FREE Alumni database contains over 16,000 U.S. High Schools.
Add yourself today and spread the word!
Have you ever wondered exactly how many miles away from
New York City the Grand Canyon is? If so, sit yourself down in
front of the National Park Service's handsomely designed,
awesomely complete online resource, and get ready for
answers. You'll find full descriptions  of every park in the
system from Maine to the Mojave, tons of environmental and
educational materials in the "NatureNet" section, and a "Links
to the Past" exhibit that lets you know who else has pitched a
tent in your chosen neck of the woods.
Consumer Reports went online this week. The famed consumer magazine
is here to sort out all your product needs for you. BTW, some of the
site is free and some is not.
After Sunday, remember that you can continue to share your expertise,
newsletter articles, and opinions at <http://www.user-groups.com> I hope to
see you there!
 SuperChess Page
          A new site about computer-chess, problem chess, with lot's of
          links, and advertisement of openingbook program (in a few
          months, named 'SuperChess')
          This site is best viewed with Internet Explorer 2.0 or higher.
Thanks to rider Peggy Waldmann for letting me know about FILEDUDES, a
really nice site that'll help you find all the Internet software you
need for web browsing, website design, e-mail reading, file transfer
and about 30 other categories.

If you've been riding the Bus for a while, you may remember my post
from last March titled "Finding Internet Software, in which I
reviewed the CWSAPPS and TUCOWS sites.  Basically these sites provide
categorized listings of Internet software, with reviews and links to
the download sites.  But FILEDUDES is really worth a look because:

1) The site is fast-loading and quick to navigate
2) They offer Macintosh listings in addition to Win95 and Win3.1
3) It's got personality - the "dudes" graphics are entertaining

When you arrive at the FILEDUDES website, located at


you can search for a specific keyword, view recent additions to the
site in the "What's New" section, check out the "Random Pick of the
Day", or jump right to the category list for Windows 95, Windows 3.1
or Macintosh.  If you're visiting for the first time and you don't
have something specific in mind, just click on the entry for your
computer's operating system and you'll be find a grid listing
categories such as:

  Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Audio Apps, Audio/Video Chat,
  Bookmark Utils, Censorship, Compression, Cookie Utils,
  Dialers, E-Mail Readers, Entertainment, FTP Programs,
  HTML Editors, IRC, Image Viewers, Log Analyzers, Movie Viewers,
  Network Sharing, News Readers, Offline Apps, Screen Capturing,
  Security Apps, Stock Quotes, Telnet, Web Browsers,
  Web Search Bots, and Web Servers

Now don't worry if some or even most of those don't make any sense to
you.  Only a true cybergeek would find them all useful.  But you
might come away with some useful tools if you browse around a bit.

For example, under the Stock Quotes heading, you can find a program
called the Quote Ticker Bar, which will bring stock prices from Wall
Street right to your desktop.  Or if you're into sound, the Audio
Apps category has a bunch of apps to play or edit sound files.  The
Web Browser section lists alternatives to the ubiquitous Netscape/IE
duo, and under Dialers you can pick up a replacement for the lame
Internet dialer that comes with Win95.

The reviews are crisp and concise, and most programs are rated with
one to five stars.  Particularly nice is the feature that allows you
to view listings in a category and quickly jump to the corresponding
items for the other operating systems.  Pay a visit to FILEDUDES, and
grab some cool new Internet software to make your surfing more fun!


A good site for finding out about movies before you pay $$$
to see it.  Rates the violence, sex, language for parents as well.
You are subscribed to the SharePaper Newsletter. To unsubscribe, go
to http://www.sharepaper.com/maillist.html or send an e-mail to
maillist@sharepaper.com with the word unsubscribe in the subject.
Find and order the catalogs you want and need at this comprehensive site.
Search, browse by category or peruse the alphabetical listing of catalogs.
Find top name catalogs plus others featuring unique items. Read the catalog
reviews, check out the catalog of the week, or for the true diehard
shopper, there's a gossip column! Most catalogs are free and many have a
link to online shopping. http://www.catalogsite.com/
14. What is a dollar worth?--FRB MPLS [JavaScript]

This site, provided by Rob Grunewald of the Federal Reserve Bank of
Minneapolis, is simple, yet elegant and powerful in both concept and
execution. Based on the Consumer Price Index (all major expenditure
classes), users enter a year between 1913 and 1997 (at present) and a
dollar amount purchased. Then another year is entered, and the "CPI
Calculation Machine" produces an equivalent dollar amount for that year.
The calculator will work both forward and backward in time. The site also
provides an annual table of the CPI-All 1913-1997 (yearly inflation rates
provided), and a clear, concise explanation of how the index is used to
answer this type of question. [JS]
At whatis.com, you'll find the definition of just about any technology term
you can think of. And if that's not enough for you, then you can find out
how the Internet works, read about cyberculture or even learn to write HTML!

Book Spot

Book Spot is a informational website featuring a plethora of information
with respect to book sites on the internet.  At the website you will find
information with regard to online book sites, bestseller lists, book
reviews sites, reading lists, children's books, electronic books and much

Here's a web site with a collection of primary documents in American
history and law.  This site contains  founding documents, court cases,
poetry, speeches, and other materials on such topics as democracy,
freedom, discrimination, the Constitution, industrialization, slavery,
the Cold War, and foreign  relations.  First published by the U.S.
Information Agency
 Travel and Regional Information
        Travel Michigan
          Michigan's official travel and vacation information site
          linking to top hotel, golf, attractions, campgrounds, ski,
          shopping, restaurants, and charter boat businesses in The Great
          Submitted By: Ron Marabate
 Consumer World - As long as we are talking about consumer issues, here
is a site that has been on the Net for a long time and offers excellent
consumer information. Edgar (the founder) will be happy to show you
 Hi, Bob.  I've long enjoyed the Tourbus and think you do a great job.
> I don't know if you accept submissions for sites to be mentioned in
> the Tourbus, but I thought I'd give it a shot.  My site is:
> Dr. Webster's Amazing Free Stuff Page -  http://surf.to/free-stuff

This is a non-commercial "free stuff" site geared toward Webmasters and
Web site owners.  It focuses on free products and services that HTML
slingers can use to get the most out of their site, and also offers plenty
of goodies for people who don't run Web sites, including free software and
product samples.
Subject: InfoNation: A database of countries

     The United Nations CyberSchoolBus

     The United Nations CyberSchoolBus launched on Thursday a
     multilingual database on UN Member States for educational and general use
     on the World Wide Web.

     With just a few clicks on an easy-to-use interface in English,
     French or Spanish, users of InfoNation can compare data for countries of
     their choice. Users can select from a total of 36 data series including
     such basic series as  population, GDP and life expectancy as well as
     homicides, school enrolment and endangered species. InfoNation includes  a
     'Data Dictionary' in three languages, with definitions for the terms, and
     comprehensive footnotes.

     The statistics and indicators used by InfoNation are official,
     up-to-date data provided by the United Nations Statistics Division from the
     World Statistics Pocketbook and the Statistical Yearbook, supplemented with
     information from other sources on capital cities, languages and illiteracy.

     InfoNation can be accessed from the Resource Source area of the UN
     CyberSchoolBus or directly from the following URLs:


     UN CyberSchoolBus
     English    http://www.un.org/Pubs/CyberSchoolBus
     French     http://www.un.org/Pubs/CyberSchoolBus/french Spanish
Okay I'll admit it..I'm a Win 95 " NEWBIE ".  As such I find any Win
95 tips I run across extremely interesting. Here is a URL for what I
think is a very well done tips site.  WUGNET is a tip of the day site
but after accessing that feature one can go through the archives of
tips by date or by topic (recommended).  All but the simplest tips
have screen shots to guide you along quite easily. I made my first
registry edit last night to change the MSIE tool bar bitmap. Cool...

10.  INTERNET FILE FORMATS.   Thanks Carol Mahnke (Happy) for pointing me to
http://www.matisse.net/files/formats.html where there’s  a description of well
over 30 file extensions (formats) we may have to contend with on the Internet.
This is a very useful collection for both the Macintosh and PC user .  Not only
does the site describe the type file based on its extension, it even provides a
link to get to whatever software is appropriate for dealing with that type
file.  As if that weren’t enough, the site then provides a narrative and web
links or ftp sites  to all the essential utilities needed to make you a file
expert.  Then, to top it all off, an Index is provided in alphabetical order
(well, after all, an index would lose some of its value if NOT arranged
alphabetically, right?)  I printed this site out in nine pages and I plan on
keeping  it nearby as a reference.  You might consider bookmarking it too, since
you’re probably going to need some of those links!
While some people are upgrading to Windows ’98 and others are heading
straight to NT, there’s a growing number of people singing the praises of
Linux. Our Guide to the Linux OS, Aron Hsiao, tells you why at:
Whether you garden as a source of sustenance or merely as an escape to
get a little dirt on your knees, you'll want to add this
self-explanatory URL to your bookmark list. Rows and rows of
information and options greet you upon entering, from tours of some of
the world's most resplendent gardens, to horticultural tips, ideas,
and suggestions. Need some seeds for next season? Not a problem, as
seeds and 12,000 other items are available for purchase here. Want to
redesign your garden? Try out a few scenarios and tips in the "Design
a Garden" section, then chat with fell
If you are a devotee of poems, rhymes and verse
you will find an abundance at this site.
Some are well known and some obscure.
Each poem is on it's own page making forwarding easy.

Web Browsing Britannica Style
Encyclopaedia Britannica -- for 230 years an information "court of last
resort" -- now has a free Web navigation service with a browsable
directory of more than 125,000 sites selected for quality and
“Web-art Links” at
http://www.galstar.com/~philbaby/ where he offers several choices of his brand
of art work.  My favorite is the Fishtank.  I don’t believe I have ever seen a
more graphic-intensive site, so allow a little extra time for loading.  After
Phil mesmerizes you with the sea life and the musical background, you can click
on other examples or go to several links of his friends’ web art; get a few
hints on web designs; or, check out some other links that are a bit less
 (1) Introduction to Windows 98 [2.9M] W9x/NT4 FREE


Is nobody telling you what you want to hear about Microsoft's
newest OS? Find out for yourself with this comprehensive set of
modules designed to tell you more about how Windows 98 works:
Getting Started, Using the Windows Explorer, Managing the Desktop,
& Working with the Start Menu. Forget buying a book, you might as
well use your computer for something else (besides playing
Solitaire and reading Lockergnome). Grab it while it's free.
I enjoyed my days as a child. It seemed like my imagination was
always in overdrive (and look at where that got me). If this site
had existed back then, who knows... I might have become a
scientist or something. It is filled to the brim with cool stuff
that you (and perhaps your children) can create with household
items. Make slime, smoke, and even a crystal garden. Become the
MacGuyver you've always wanted to be!
This is a wonderful example of how to construct a financially successful web
site.  This is a must look even if you think Astrology is a lot of hokum.
This site is not hokum.  Easy to navigate. Well done graphics and a superb
database.  Make sure you query for your free horoscope.  Mine was right on
the money.

Read many of the same great articles from Reader's Digest magazine online.
Use an easy online form to submit you short stories and anecdotes for
publication on the website or in the printed magazine. Free jokes for your
use are available in the humor database, and there's a shockwave version of
Word Power to play.

Before I purchase a piece of hardware, I search for reviews on the
web. Sometimes that sucks up hours of my time (of which there
isn't enough). Here's a site that "collects" review pages and
categorizes them for us. He's got listings for cameras all the way
through sound cards. Generally, these are hardware devices which
we upgrade often through the years. Gotta love the 'Net!

This is a "geeks only" site. 135K + subscribers are on this list.  It is
combination newsletter and web site. If you're a windows user then this is
the site to find everything including utilities, fonts, games and computer
industry news. This is real accomplishment for Chris Pirillo, the webmaster.


Like Yahoo Internet Life, Surfing the Net with Kids reviews Web sites
by categories.  This means that it gives you reviews of the best tiger
sites, the best online encyclopedias, the best algebra sites, etc.
Also like Yahoo Internet Life, Surfing the Net with Kids rates sites
using stars, but their rating system goes from five stars
("spectacular") to three ("great").

Surfing the Net with Kids is a wonderful resource for anyone looking
for family-friendly Web sites.  In fact, the only negative thing I can
say about the site is they haven't reviewed TOURBUS yet

Ever wanted to know the mailing address of the heads of state of any
country in the world? Then I have a web site and or file for you to

Address Directory for Politicians of the World

Herein you will find the mailing addresses for every nation's leaders
provincial governors (almost). Phone, fax, e-mail and website addresses
being added where available. Last update: August 8, 1998.

zipped copy of the whole directory (156k)

Great Buildings Online
Great Buildings Online provides hundreds of color photos and live 3D
walkthrough models for great buildings and architects from around
the world and across history. Great Buildings is the most complete
architectural appreciation site on the web, with more than 1200 pages of
information covering 400 top architects of all time.  A unique
architectural search engine, detailed bibliographies, and regularly
updated links to related architecture sites will make Great Buildings
Online your first stop for architecture on the web.
 Inventor's Hall of Fame - Check out some of the greatest inventors the
world has ever known.

Looking for an answer on Web? It can take forever to
locate all the lists of frequently asked questiosn (FAQs)
that answer your questions. The Help Channel links to
more than 250 of them from one convenient place: The
FAQ Superlist, updated every week!

WebRing offers more than 400,000 sites in over over 23,500 topical
rings, and over 2000 sites join the network each day.  To check out
WebRing and search for a ring that interests you, visit:

The DamnedestThing
PG Rated good clean fun. A collection of stories and photo's submitted by
people who believe their story or photo is the damnedest thing they ever
saw or the damnedest thing they ever did.
There are hundreds of thousands of non-profit groups all over the
world. Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to find ones related
specifically to your interests... that is, unless you're using
this site. Guidestar is a complete resource for non-profit related
information and news. You can even search through their (rather
large) database of other non-profits.
News behemoths CNN and Sports Illustrated, both leaders in their
respective fields, combine forces to provide wide-ranging sports
news on CNN/SI. While other jockular supersites—most notably
ESPN’s SportsZone and CBS’s Sportsline—kick out prodigious
content each day, CNN/SI breaks the mold by offering all of its
content free of charge. Get the latest scoops, have scores
delivered to your desktop, join a football fantasy league, or
preview the current week’s print issue of Sports Illustrated, all
within this stadium-size hub.

Sometimes in the dead of winter, we need a firm reminder that if we
just bundle up enough, before we know it, spring will arrive.
Ballparks.com provides just that. This fantastic site offers in-depth
information, including photos, on America's sports stadiums. Choose
from baseball, football, basketball, and hockey and revel in the
minutiae of our national pastime's homes. Cleanly laid out and
exhaustively researched,
The new year's coming up, and that means it's time for the NetGuide
99. We've scoured the Net to give you a rundown of the best (and
worst) sites in dozens of categories, from best designed to best
guilty pleasure to most overrated. Check it out and see if you
agree with us.
Updates.com is a free software update service. It will search
your PC for software that needs updating and provide a list from
which you can download the latest software and drivers. The site
can also notify you via email when certain updates are available
from the vendors. Updates.com supports software applications and
shareware, utilities, development tools ActiveX Controls, games,
drivers and much more.