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John Piper's Y Work

Second only to his family, John Piper loved working for the YMCA (Young Mens Christian Association). The 26 years he devoted to the Greater Indianapolis Y, the last 15 as Camp Director, reached a culmination on May 17, 1971, when over 100 of his former campers, fellow workers and friends showed up at Flatrock Camp to honor his retirement.

He had spent the previous 15 years single-handly creating an environment for the 'experience that lasts a lifetime.' Unfettered by office politics and bureaucracy, John was free to call the shots.

His methods might not have everyone's approval--I have personally seen him teach more than one person to swim by literally throwing them into the pool--but his results could not be denied. Even in his day when most children had a father, many boys later told him that he was the most important man in their life.

Return with us to those thrilling days of 1956 through 1970 when each year, the character's of 600+ young men were being shaped and defined by their association with YMCA Flatrock Camp Director, John Piper.


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