John Piper's Families

The Early Years
John's parents, Ed and Ethel Piper. They farmed around Wabash, IN, and later lived in North Manchester, IN.
The four children of Ed and Ethel Piper: Mary, John, Otho and Ray (from youngest to oldest).
What a crew !
Here the two older boys are married and Ray has son, Virgil. Front row: Ed, Ethel holding Virgil, Charlotte (married to Otho) and Otho. Back row: Mary, John, Ethel (married to Ray) and Ray. .
Ethel, Otho, Ray, Mary, John, Ed (l. to r.)I sure would like to know the story behind them posing for this picture (circa. 1920)
John and Mary graduated from Manchester College. I always figured with Ethel cooking at the college and her father or uncle, Otho Winger, being the President, the cost to attend was minimal.

There's more to this picture. It seems Mary never completed the final one or two courses, and so did not graduate. I always wondered why Ed Piper was not in this photo of the first Pipers to graduate from college. Recently, Ethel, Duane and Max said he was a 'guest' at Michigan City during this time. I knew he had gone off briefly with another woman; it seems he built her something with stolen lumber, and she squealed on him.

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John Piper's Children
The first child gets all the attention (and pictures)!

Here is Larry at 16 mo on the left, and the other photo shows a rare picture of Grampa John Jollief (holding me). Others are John and Mildred (Jollief) Piper, Mary Jane and Wendell Jollief, and Gramma Louzetta.

Here are all four of John's children. On the left is Janet, Carol and Larry holding Bob. Picture taken on front porch of Hollowell's house.

On the right is Carol, Janet, Larry and Bob. Don't think the dog is ours.

Picture on the left was taken in basement of 660 E. Broadway, Danville, IN.

Not sure where or when picture on the right was taken.

Now Judy (Larry's wife) is sneaking into the family pictures. Picture on the right is manditory Easter shot.

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