Johnny Piper's Football Exploits

Johnny Piper played football at North Manchester College, Indiana, all four years of school, 1929-1932. He was captain both the '31 and '32 seasons. He established scoring and rushing records that still stand today. Some of the highlights from the enclosed pictures include,

"...he scored 204 points and 32 touchdowns, both records that still stand"

"...he had a rushing average of 15.5 yards per carry"

"...records were not kept from 1924 until the early '50s, so much of Johnny Piper's football exploits will forever remain unknown"

Press release from 50 years of Manchester FBOnly known picture of Johnny Piper playing football Football highlights from 1932 Aurora Yearbook
Following his college days, John (far right) and his brother 'Shorty' (catcher) played what was called semi-pro baseball and football. It was during this period that Dad hurt his knee, an injury that would dog him the rest of his life.

Unlike many of today's gridiron heros, Johnny Piper graduated from college with a degree in education. He later obtained a masters from Indiana University.
Induction into Manchester Athletic Hall of Fame, Dec 5, 1995. He was nominated by his son, Larry, who also accepted the award on behalf of John's surviving children.Certificate of his athletic achievementsYearbook 1933 Summary

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