Chapter 1


Growing Up



         What I Learned From Others



       Kendallville, IN                               Paper Route Sales Meetings

        North Manchester, IN                    Morning Vs. Evening Routes

        22 Addresses I've Lived               Indy 500 and Edwin Young

        Riding Buses at Age 5                  Tennis, Basic Stuff

        See Yourself                                  Pool Table

        Danville, IN                                     K-12 Teachers & Report Cards

        Central Normal College                 Bill Bauman and Latin

        First Watch I Owned                      Most Popular Girl in Town

        Fluoroscope                                  7 Varsity Letters in High School

        Batting Cross-Handed                  Homecoming Queen Voting

        Building Forts & Airplanes            Sexual Mores in the ‘50s

        Who Were My Friends                  15 Miles in 15 Minutes

        Rubber Guns                                 Double Quartet

        Cub & Boy Scouts                         Bad Eyes

        License Plate Numbers                Johnnie Ray and Halloween

        Danville Carnival                           Fire Drills at Danville School

        Radio                                             Dates With Judy

        Music Test                                     Advanced Chemistry

        Roy Rogers & Buckshot               Who Is The Greatest?

        Best Present Ever                         Abdication & Other Stories

        Comic Books                                 How Did I Choose Judy?

        YMCA Camp                                  What Role Models I Served

        Paper Route Collections               Hendricks County